Autocomplete Addresses

Discussion created by jasonpevear on Apr 12, 2018
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I am trying to create an address field that uses autocomplete appearance. My goal is for the end user to type a few characters of the beginning part of the address and choices will appear and they will choose the appropriate address


I've been able to do this successfully with 10,000 records (addresses) when I use select_one as my type and fill out the choices tab. But when I add 30,000 records in my choices tab, the load time suffers tremendously as does the overall functionality. Is there anyway for these 30,000 records to reside in the external_choices tab or in a csv in the media folder and the Address will refer to either of those versus the choices tab?


I've seen several examples of external_choices but when I try it on my end, I get an error saying the choices tab isn't filled out correctly.  I thought the whole idea of using external choices was to avoid using the choices tab? 


I suppose I'm quite confused on how this works.  I've googled for months on how to do this but have found no examples of how this is done correctly.  Is this even possible?