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Online GIS Education

Question asked by mikesm on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by jayanta.poddar

Hello GeoNet!


I have been working as a GIS Technician for two years after getting hired right out of school. My college program was not focused on GIS, but had a couple of courses that got me exposed to it, and I have really enjoyed it and would like to stay in the industry.


I'm studying to complete the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification, but I'm looking for some other options to translate my technical skills into academic credentials.


Is anyone aware of any reputable certificate, diploma, certification etc. programs in GIS that can be completed remotely, while also working full-time?  I have explored a few online diploma programs, but many of them would require 40-60 hours per week to complete, that becomes unrealistic while working as well.


Thanks very much for your suggestions!