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Chreate Map Tile Package failes

Question asked by david.hofmann on Apr 12, 2018



I'm trying to create a Map Tile Package from my own Geodata. I'd like to use it late as a Basemap.

So I layouted my Data (raods (lines) and Water (polygones)), and startet the Tool "Create Map Tile Package".

I checked the Box for "Package for ArcOnline...", chose PNG (tried different) as Tiling Format and chose 10 as the Level Of Detail.

I tried different Types for the Extend, My Data is for one Country, so I think "Union of Inputs" must be the right one to create a Map Tile Package covering the whole country.


The Problem now is, that My ArcGIS Pro always only renders the Current Display Extend in only one Level of Detail.

The produces *.tpk File does only have about 2MB.


Is there anything I have to mind of, when I want to create a real Map Tile Backage , that I can use as a Basemap?


Thanks a lot