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Date attribute edition on ArcGIS Online

Question asked by Arauco_Argentina on Apr 12, 2018

Hello everybody.

Working with ArcGIS PRO 2.0 I have created a file geodatabase with many domains, two of them are date type domains with range interval. Also, the GDB has a polygon dataset with two date fields on its table linked to the GDB date domains. The objective of this dataset is to be published to ArcGIS Online for data capture using a web map app operated by third party people.
Edition of date attributes on this dataset using ArcGIS PRO runs perfect, PRO also helps the user edition through a pop-up calendar so date values are easy to add/edit. However, when I try to do this on the AOL environment, first of all the calendar pop-up is not available and the date format is in a complex code like this: - (UTC maybe?). The problem is I can not figure out how to change this date format to another standard like MM / DD / YYYY so editors can understand the values and add/edit dates properly. I have tryed time parameters setting on the layer properties with PRO and ulpoad again the layer. also tryed to do this in AOL but the problem is still present.
Has anyone some help to figure out this? I will really appreciate it.
Thank you and regards to the forum!
PS: I have attached two screen shots about this (AOL and PRO)