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ModelBuilder (Pro) field calculator and %value%

Question asked by GIS_Lublin on Apr 12, 2018
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I am moving my Model Builder from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro (2.1.2). The problem is that Pro does not use VISUAL BASIC (VB) anymore. The command written in VB now has to be translated into Python 3 or Arcade.  Could you please advise me how VB command   %value%   should be written in Python 3 or Arcade.

Basically, I am trying to count the number of visible Lines of Sight constructed from a vantage point (done, the n_T value in my Model Builder) and “paste” this value as integer to the attribute table of point layer (INDEX field); in other words, the attribute of point layer is the count of Lines of Sight. I attach my old MB with original VB command.

Thank you in advance for your help.