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Can't add any arcade expressions? No Globals? e._profileGlobals is null

Question asked by evan_sepa on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by evan_sepa

I am working with arcade expressions for a popup window and after only getting the error below I realized something else might be going on. Also I notice that no Global variables are available in the expressions reference pane?!


This is the error I get for any simple function...

Execution Error:Cannot read property 'root' of null


I have no problem doing this in other maps.


I am working with a simple "Parks" point layer, and the map service and feature service have the same result.


Here is the AGOL item 


it just references my AGS map service here

Layer: Parks and Recreation Areas (ID: 0) 


and here is the feature service of the same ()

Layer: Parks and Recreation Areas (ID: 0) 







Please help me figure this out, I'd like to build my popup with arcade expressions



UPDATE 1: The error in firefox is Execution Error:e._profileGlobals is null (a little more helpful perhaps?!)

UPDATE 2: I uploaded the feature class to AGOL hosted and still the same? here is the AGOL hosted item.