Hubway Bike Trip density analysis

Discussion created by PrachiN on Apr 11, 2018

Hi all,

I need you help and inputs.I am working on a academic project on Hubway bike trip density analysis for Boston city.


I have Hubway trip data with  users details like start and end time ,date, Start and End station name and its lat long details.


My idea was to use this data in ArcGIS and create Geo-spatial map for bike trip activity for weekend and weekday.

Also,analyse the data to understand which stations are popular.


So,far so good.I cleared the raw data by removing trips having duration less than 120sec , and deleted trip details starting and ending at same station (All this using Python).I was able to import this data in ArcGIS and plot  hubway station on the map.


I'm kind stuck here now.I'm trying to find counts for each station to understand which is the most used station  for trip to start and use this summarized data to plot a density map.I tried using zonal statistics but didn't have luck.


How can i proceed?