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Web AppBuilder - Limit Legend Items Based on Filters or Map Extent

Question asked by gardta on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by DCSlatunn

Is there a way to limit legend items to only those feature values in the current extent in a Web AppBuilder (Developer's Edition 2.7) app? I currently have a service layer symbolized by unique values for my attribute of interest, though as I zoom to features, it would be nice to limit the legend to show only the unique values that are currently displayed (rather than having to browse through the many many unique values that are symbolized for the layer within the legend). I am using the filter widget to filter and zoom to features based off of multiple expressions for unique values and previous expression filters. Maybe limiting legend contents would need to be configured within the original map document, the service, the Portal web map, or in the application itself? I have attempted to achieve this functionality with the Legend and Layers widgets and have not had any luck. I'm curious as to what steps I may need to take to establish this functionality. 


Thanks in advance!