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ESRI Web AppBuilder Developer Edition Freezes when Selecting a Map

Question asked by ryanuthoff on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by ryanuthoff

After upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise to 10.6, I've been having issues with all versions of ESRI Web AppBuilder Developer Edition, including the latest edition 2.7.


When I'm creating a new web app, when I select a map to use, it loads the basemap to the extent on how the map is saved, but after that WAB freezes. No data from the feature service loads and the side pane where I can add widgets is grayed out so I cannot select anything.


If I open the web map (not app) through Portal everything loads fine, it's just that WAB freezes when selecting maps. Also, the built in Portal WAB works fine, just not the developer edition.


Any thoughts on what this could be?