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HTML tag creation in applications?

Question asked by heathmanderson on Apr 10, 2018

I have a historic inventory application with approximately 20 fields consisting of: text, number, and date fields.  Some applications in AGOL like StoryMaps support html tag creation through multi-line recognition and adds the appropriate <br/> or <p>, etc tags.  However, it doesn't appear that StoryMaps will allow me to add the other 19 fields.


My question is: are there any other applications through WebAppbuilder(dev edition), AGOL, survey123, etc.  that support automatic html tag creation?  I want the user to input the data but they they don't want to have to write the html code.  The Shortlist (beta) storymap allows the user to type information in the description field and on the back end assigns the appropriate html tags without the user ever knowing.  Has anyone experienced this and figured a way around it?


Here is an example of what I mean.  I created a Shortlist (beta) storymap input my data in the description field (left) and AGOL assigned the appropriate html tags that i can see when I edit the attribute table (right)


screen shot of story map and hosted feature layer