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How to keep the rotation of symbols when rotating the map in Pro?

Question asked by christopheandrey on Apr 10, 2018

In ArcGIS Pro, you can rotate symbols by a feature attribute. But how do you keep that rotation after you rotate the entire map?


In my case, I have symbols of traffic lights that I want to orient in parallel to the road they're on. I define a feature attribute containing the angle between the north and the direction of the road. So far, so good.
Next, I rotate the entire map (using the navigator) to have a better view of a bunch of roads. The symbols don't rotate with the map, which defeats my purpose of orienting them in parallel with the road in the first place.
So, how do I make sure that the rotation of the symbol is relative to the geographical North, and not to the top of the screen?

Or is this just impossible to do in ArcGIS Pro?


Btw, I'm using version 2.0.