How are you managing your mxds for published services?

Discussion created by aseimMSB on Apr 10, 2018
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We know that a copy of the mxd is put in the ArcGIS Server configuration files when a service is published, it is buried but we know where it is.  It is possible someone needs to access the mxd to republish the service who did not publish the original and who does not have access to the configuration files.  We have considered a project file structure on a shared network drive to store mxds that were used to publish the service but this would be a copy, i.e., another mxd outside of the one ArcGIS Server puts in its configuration files and we are trying to get away from duplicating. And since this is a copy there is the possibility of it being edited or becoming out of line with the published service.  We are using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 and have four federated servers.  We are looking for ideas for mxd management, how are you doing this in your organization?


Thank you!