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Portal asking for server credentials when I opening an unsecure service in a WebMap

Question asked by TouficEDF on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by UAhmad-esristaff

Hello everyone,

I try to include a feature layer and a MapLayer in a web map in the Portal, It works but when I try to open the web map the Portal asks for my server credentials.  
The service is not secure and should not ask me credentials. I tried to following esri configurations advice :

-   added my arcgis server in "trusted server" setting,

-   modification of the "Webcontext" setting in the portal

but i still have the same problem.


We are working with versions 10.4 of the Portal and 10.3.1 of the Arcgis Server (They are not federated).
Maybe there is a configure error somewhere?  Any help is appreciated