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Story Map Inter-Organisation Sharing Issues

Question asked by CommSafety on Apr 10, 2018

We have a map series story map which has links to web app builder applications hosted on AGOL.


It works well within our organisation but when we share to users in other organisations all the links are to our org's address so they need to be members or our org to view.  I've tried using instead but then each web app fails to load, probably because it doesn't know which org you're from.


e.g.  Story Map URL -


Share to other org as 


 Url becomes 


And all tabs with apps go to authenticate with ourorg and not otherorg.


I've tried using Minimal Gallery as well and same thing happens.   Share app items into a test group and make a minimal gallery.  Other organisation member joins the test group and can open the Minimal Gallery app, but every web app builder item will open under our org even though the minimal gallery is under their org.




Any ideas?  About to send a support desk request in as well.