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Differences among authentication tiers for ArcGIS Server federated with Portal

Question asked by mwellman on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by ppapadopoulosmarathondata-gr-esridist

My organization is running ArcGIS Server (version 10.5) federated with Portal. On our rest services directory there is no "Get Token" link, which from what I've read is tied to our server's authentication. Is this the case?


If we were to update our Authentication tier on our server (we have three options: GIS_SERVER, WEB_ADAPTOR, ARCGIS_PORTAL - with ArcGIS Portal currently set) would that affect whether a "Get Token" link appears in our rest services directory? I'm familiar with the Generate Token interface (https://.../sharing/rest/generateToken), but this interface doesn't allow the creation of 1-year tokens.


What are the differences among the three authentication settings, is there info on this somewhere? The info I've found on Web-tier or Portal-tier authentication is very brief, and I'm wondering what impact changing the server authentication settings will have on our Portal.