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ArcGis-pro "Indoor campus" creation of CAD building into 3D with predefined Tasks

Question asked by vamsikrishna.boppana on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by vikingus
My question is:- --------------- Recently i installed ArcGis Pro in my organization (trail version). Our main goal is that some architectural building drawing need to shown in 3D model along with interior.  I Have seen many of ArcGis pro "Indoor campus" videos. And in the same way we are trying to build your data.  In that video's i have seen some of predefined taks. When we open ArcGis-pro application it is not showing predefined tasks. But in the training video's it is there. Here iam attaching 1 screenShot for your reference.  In the screen shot and training video's the predefined tasks are appearing. but not in my system.  training related video's link also attached. in the same way we need to build our data.  So can you please help me out regarding the predefined task in ArcGis-pro.
Where we can download predefined tasks from internet. See the attached screenshot.