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Importing Control Points in ArcGis Pro

Question asked by mparson16 on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by MKennedy-esristaff

Hey all,


Relatively new to ArcGIS Pro, so apologies there is anything I am missing!


I am uploading a batch of raster images to ArcGIS and working through the georeferencing process. For each image, I have several points that i have X, Y coordinates for. I can manually add control points using the Locate function and these coordinates. However, due to the volume of images I'm hoping to process, I was trying to figure out the Import Control Points feature, but each time I try to do this, the upload fails.


Right now, the Import Points file I have is a text file in the format:

  • (Point Name, X Position on Image, Y Position on Image, Northing Coordinate on Map, Easting Coordinate on Map

 Where I have converted the XY coordinates to the State Plane Coordinate System (see below):

1 114.453 296.689 2229763.827 1403851.607
2 172.235 613.380 2196755.759 1385682.876 


However, this keeps failing import and/or failing to import correctly. Is there a different way I should be formatting this? What is the best way to import control points using XY coordinates within ArcGIS Pro?





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