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Layers on Service won't check on and off invidiually. Only allows the service as a whole to be turned on and off.

Question asked by lgiboo on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by lgiboo

I published several map services to our server (all of them published the same way), but when I pull it into a map on Portal one of my layers will only check on and off the service as a whole (not by layer) and the others will let you check on and off the service as a whole as well as each individual layer.


All the services are published with Mapping Enabled and ArcFMServer.  My question is, why is this one service showing up this way when the others don't?  Any ideas on how I can get my easement service to allow me to check on and off the individual layers instead of the service as a whole?


(I did try to publish as a feature layer too, but that didn't work either).