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Missing Image Icon in Reports

Question asked by Chris.anderson on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Chris.anderson

I am generating reports from data collected in Survey123. In my survey, the user has an option of including a photo and a sketch. In my report template, I have included a section where these photos/sketch can be displayed. In March, when I ran the report, if a user did not submit a photo, the area is blank. Now, there is an icon in the area with a red exclamation point. I understand the need to say "no photo submitted". Is there any way to get rid of the icon before/while the report is generated?


I have also tried several ways to include a default image in the survey for the photos/sketch that says something like, "no photo included". I used it in the Default and Calculation Columns with no luck. Any ideas how to do this?


If I was the only one generating these reports, I wouldn't have an issue with the icon, I would just delete it in Word. But I could have a lot of people running these reports. Some may see the icon, think something's wrong, and not have confidence in the tool (even though we explain the reason for the icon). Many will not have Word or may be running these reports on a tablet then e-mailing them, etc.


Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Chris Anderson

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission