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Will a local CA work on my .local domain for Portal?

Question asked by huffmanp on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by huffmanp

I am trying to get Portal 10.3.1 installed and work with my instance of ArcServer 10.3.1

I am working on a domain on a strictly internal LAN created by our SA and named with a .local suffix. I am just now learning about how .local domains are problematic now.  My SA launched a local Certificate authority for me, created a certificate named server.dommainname.local, and I thought I got it working on the local IIS and bound it to port 443. However, client connections from browsers still report security problems. The cert is not recognized.

ESRI tech support ran through the set up with me with screen share, then elevated me to next tier tech support, and they finally blamed the cert my SA generated. 


I talked to GoDaddy about buying a cert from them, but they told me their certs will not work on a .local domain. They said domains like this are not longer “fully functional domain names”, starting in Nov. 2015. But will this also not work if we generate a domain cert from our local authority? Is this because the local domain is named *.local?