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Extracting georeferenced text objects and importing them into Geospatial Software?

Question asked by on Apr 4, 2018

So within a Canvas X 2017 GIS file, (an ACD Systems software) I have a number of vector graphics layers, all of which contain thousands of manually entered text objects only conceptually paired with line objects (within the same layers). I hear that Canvas is similar to illustrator, although I have had too little experience with illustrator to verify this. Using Canvas's GIS capabilities, I have given my vector data spatial coordinates and then exported the layers as shapefiles. (Each layer becomes its own shapefile). However, the text objects are not transported into Arcmap within the shapefile as best as I can tell.



I am trying to research the best way to export the text objects and then to open them up within geospatial software. My goal is to be able to spatially associate them with their corresponding vector objects and have the GIS program populate a vector object's attribute field with the text object's text. Other formats (excluding raster) I can export the data as are TXT, PDF, and KMZ, and KML files. GIS software that I have access to include ArcGIS, QGIS, Global Mapper, and MapInfo.


I would rather do this than have to export a rendered geospatial raster image, open that up side-by-side with the same layer's shapefile, and manually type the numbers into the attribute table for thousands of objects.


I have found very little on this topic online or even in person at academic institutions, but hopefully someone out there has familiarity with my question? Thank you in advance!