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Survey 123 Related Record and Template help

Question asked by Anu.Sawant_PDP on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by DCRW_erica.tefft

Hi there,


I am currently having issue in viewing results in Survey123 website (data) page and also exporting result by using our customize template. 


1) In the survey I have added two parts (which are also part of related record) for which some data gets calculated by using pulldata and few other calculations added into the excel to get the result.While checking data on Survey123 website I cant view the results calculated for one part but can see the result for second part. 

2) On our own customize template I wanted to add value calculated in one part (as mentioned in question above).so I have added its field name in template but not sure why I cant see result when I try to generate the report.

3) When I am trying to upload customize template into Survey123  and generate a report I am getting following error for Survey Data field. I have tried to add this field name manually to avoid spaces still I am getting this error. (This error I face frequently not sure why  )


4) When I am trying to print result from Survey123 data page for location question I am getting the full world image.(even though I have kept my settings for base map in "Default Map Type" in Survey123 connect to road level.) It was working fine before and surprisingly when I have checked it for the rest of the Surveys it is showing me the full world image

5) Whenever I opened the report exported I get these following error and these are common for almost all of the Survey reports I have exported. (is it because of we are trying to customize our own template by using some other logos and tables which are not supported by beta version).




Thanks heaps for the help.