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why did they send me "Arcgis desktop" and "Arcgis FOR desktop" and which one should I try first?

Question asked by cruizingirl on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by cruizingirl

I just purchased a home license and they put 2 download links in my account.  One is for "ArcGIS desktop" 10.6 and the other is for "ArcGIS FOR desktop" 10.4.  Which one should I use? Certainly not both?   Also, I already have "Pro" downloaded from a MOOC.  Can I just get a license code to plug into that or do I have to download it again?


The "order fulfillment" email said, "For installation or download support, contact Esri Customer Service" - but the people at that email address said they couldn't help me with my download and install questions and and told me to, "Email:".  

When I tried that second email address, I got a reply that they failed to process my email because, "You are receiving this email because you contacted an email address that has been retired ( "  


Is there anybody, anywhere, who can help me?  And, whichever version I am supposed to try, will it install cleanly over my expired 10.0?  Or should I uninstall that first?