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Large Data Migration Help: Moving MXD's, replacing old data sources with newly created data sources

Question asked by deleted-user-Kh-VU5qzFIGJ on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by deleted-user-Kh-VU5qzFIGJ

Fellow GIS gurus... I have been tasked with conducting a rather large migration of over 500 MXD's from one folder location to another.  So, a majority of the associated feature class data sources will need to be "re-sourced".  In addition, a chunk of the current feature class data within these MXD's will be replaced with new feature class data.  So how do I batch:

1. Re-source each feature class

2. Replace existing feature class data with the new data I've created.


Using Python, I'm thinking that I should

1. Create copies of all the MXD's to not disturb it's original form

2. re-source and replace data before moving the MXD's to their new location


I'm new to Python but up for the challenge.