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Connecting Positional Points with a line showing direction

Question asked by james.dickens@bristowgroup.com_Bristow on Apr 3, 2018

I am trying to connect positional points with a line to show direction and or pathing. So far I have come up with nothing.


I have a history layer of aircraft/helicopter positions and they do not always fly direct and at times fly in circles. I need a way to be able to connect those positional points with a line to show a path. This would be extremely helpful on time slider maps but will help helpful on static as well.


Because I have so many points I currently have a filter set up to define what aircraft and what day's flight and I run that prior to turning the layer visibility on. With this layer I get point data. Now I just need to know how to connect the dots


Any help with how to achieve this on AGOL would be greatly appreciated!