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Enterprise geodatabase Schema case (upper/lower)!

Question asked by Muqitzoarder111 on Apr 4, 2018

Dear forum members, I have simple but big problem regarding schema case in sql server enterprise gdb. If I create any table or feature class in sql server through ArcGIS then the schema name creates as uppercase letter by default and the table name is as it is. But in sql server table list (directly in sql server) I find all the schema name as lowercase (for example: dbo.TABLEX) but the table name in opposit case. If I again search through arcgis database connection then I see all the tables and feature class schema is uppercase ( for excample: DBO.tablex). This makes a big issue when I connect my db into fme and make some download data task.


My question is: is there any solution thus I can create the schema in lowercase from arcgis?


With kind Regards


Muqit Zoarder