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Seeking help to summarize values for zone

Question asked by baidarkabob on Apr 2, 2018
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I have creates a deer habitat value raster that includes numeric fields for habitat values "before logging", "present condition" and the change in habitat values between the first two.


My project area includes 14 watersheds and I would like to use these watersheds as zones for comparing the sum of changes to deer habitat values for each watershed. 


I have tried the spatial analysis tool "tabulate area", using the watershed polygon as the zone layer, and the change in habitat values as the class field but that did not work like I was hoping, or I do not know how to make use of this new table so that after I join it to the watershed polygon I can classify using graduated colors to compare the sum of changes to deer habitat for each watershed. 


I attached the table mentioned above in case that is helpful. The column headers indicate the change in value and the cells indicate the area. I think I can get what I want using excel by multiplying the heading value with the area value and then summing for each watershed but I was hoping to do this calculation completely within arcgis pro.


Any help will be appreciated.