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Survey123 Issue with Start and End types when editing point feature.

Question asked by CityofYreka on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by rogermesengeotec

I am using Survey123 I have both Start and End types(both esriFieldTypeDate) with a default of  now() for both.  When i record a new feature the date and time value is recorded just fine, but if I edit  an existing feature it returns a value under Start of  12/31/1969, 4:00 PM. (<--issue) The End field is repopulated with a value of the time the edit its submitted.


I would think the Start field should either stay the same or repopulate to the date and time the feature opened for editing.


I also have a field called 'Install date'(esriFiledTypeDate)that is a date and time that is intended to be populated with values later and is currently set to type "hidden" in the XLSForm. this also returns a value of 12/31/1969, 4:00 PM when I edit a feature.