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Unable to add Image Service Layer to Layer List widget (ArcGIS API for JS 3.23)

Question asked by JeffMay_IDFGgis on Apr 3, 2018

I am trying to add an image service layer to the Layer List widget.  I am using 3.23 version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.  


When I toggle on the image service layer I get the following error in the console:


LayerList.js:33 Uncaught TypeError: d.setVisibility is not a function
at Object._toggleLayer (LayerList.js:33)
at HTMLInputElement.<anonymous> (LayerList.js:8)
at HTMLUListElement.<anonymous> (init.js:124)
_toggleLayer @ LayerList.js:33
(anonymous) @ LayerList.js:8
(anonymous) @ init.js:124


Is this a bug?  Anybody know of a work around?