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Overlaying two polygons by their centroids?

Question asked by jmsw@ut on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by MKennedy-esristaff

I have two polygons and I calculated the centroid for each. Now I want to overlay the polygons by their centroid so that they point at which they line up is their centroid. However, when I go to edit each polygon and try to drag it over to line its centroid up with the other polygon's centroid, the centroid does not move with it. I have even tried creating a new shape file and drawing a polygon over the centroid point and then merging the centroid polygon with the larger polygon, but they still won't move together in editor! Is there any way to tie/glue/stick/join/etc a polygon's centroid to its corresponding polygon so that they can be moved together? Or is there a way to overlay two polygons by their centroids? Attached is an image of the polygons that I am trying to overlay with their centroids.