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Can't figure out how to edit the Count field in a raster attribute table

Question asked by Jmadamski on Apr 2, 2018
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I have a canopy raster for Pennsylvania that I clipped for the northeastern portion of the state, to make the file more manageable. Initially, only grids with canopy data (Value = 1) were counted in the raster, but after I clipped it the count field in the new raster is showing a 0 count of value 1. How can I "refresh" the raster and ensure that values are being counted?


Additionally, values of 0 (Open canopy) were not counted in the original raster, but I'd like for them to be counted so I can get a percentage of canopy cover within varying buffer zones. I had tried using the field calculator tool and followed the directions here, but the operation failed returning back Error 000539.


The raster being used was retreived from here: Canopy Data

Running arcmap 10.5.1


Thanks in advance