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Survey123- last non empty field

Question asked by gregaa on Apr 3, 2018
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One question. I created cascading select (with 6 levels) and now I want create another field where app will automatic calucalted the last non - empty field (from 6 levels of cascading select) because all variable do not have all 6 levels.

I tried with "coalesce" but unsuscsefully.


In excel this can be solve with index or lookup like here: excel - Last non-empty cell in a column - Stack Overflow 



Result should look something like this:

 vari_1     vari_2    vari_3    vari_4      vari_5       vari_6          last_non_empty 

sdf           sdf         dsf          dsf           sdf                                   sdf 

r               ret          ert                                                                  ert  

5rt            ztr          rtz           rtz            r                   gdf              gdf