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Unable to assign user to this account, username is unavailable

Question asked by jebu23 on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by robert_DataVision

We have recently setup enterprise logins with our AGOL organization.  Unfortunately, prior to setting up enterprise logins, we created a number of user accounts where the username matched their username in the enterprise IDP.  Even after completely deleting the user from our organization, we still keep running into this error:


Unable to assign user 'xxxxx_msusdm' to this account 'XXXXXXX', Username is not available.

How do I delete these accounts to enable enterprise logins? 


Is it not possible to "enable" enterprise log in for an existing account?  The next challenge will be dealing with users who have a lot of content, particularly content that has been shared with a group with editing permissions for members of the group.  This content has to first be unshared with those groups, then transferred to a temporary account, then delete the existing account, reinvite as an enterprise user, transfer the content from the temporary account to the new enterprise account and finally reshare content with appropriate editing groups.