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What to do with basemap URLs coming from HTTP sources?

Question asked by mgallant83 on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by KGerrow-esristaff

Over the next few months, web browsers will begin to flag content coming from HTTP sources as insecure more prominently. On ArcGIS Online, I have over 20 web apps that feature basemaps constructed from vector tiles hosted by Stamen MapStack that begin with HTTP and not HTTPS. Here’s an example:


I’ve contacted Stamen directly and switching their MapStack URLs over to HTTPS isn’t in their plans for now, but they did log it as an issue on GitHub:


I would like to keep using my basemaps that feature MapStack URLs because of the look and feel they bring to my apps. However, if I am forced to substitute these basemaps with ones constructed on AGOL, I think Esri could host some similar layers (if not the exact same layers?) that would help me achieve the same look and feel – i.e. solid one-color polygons covering the whole world, different textures, different monochrome patterns, etc.


I am aware of some of the custom basemaps that have been prepared by Esri – i.e. Merry Christmas, Colored Pencil, Newspaper, etc. – and I also use the Esri UK MapStyler application on occasion. However, I think AGOL is lacking some simple layers that could add a lot of variety when constructing basemaps. I guess another option would be to build some sort of basemap customizer wizard application like MapStack.


I would like some advice from Esri and/or a continuation of this discussion with the right Esri staff members who could make some of these things a reality?