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Survey123 Geopoint Calculations in field/web app

Question asked by abenville_env on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by pbsusa

I have a Survey123 form that I created in connect. It has a field with a calculation for pulling out the location accuracy (pulldata("@geopoint", ${Location}, "horizontalAccuracy")) that I use to ensure the accuracy is below a reasonable value when the user submits. This works well in the Survey123 field app but produces an error when you open the survey in the web form. I have read that geopoint calculations are not supported in the web form, but if this is the case I'm wondering if there's a workaround so that the survey could still open in the browser without the error message. Is there a way to get the web form to ignore the calculation and just leave that field blank? Any other suggested workarounds or am I stuck with this issue?