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Android application - Is this correct way

Question asked by rsahukar001 on Mar 29, 2018

Hi All,


I am currently developing an android application for which I am using ArcMap Desktop and ArcGis Android SDK 10.9 version. My main objective is to add point, polygon, multiline features at wish. Currently this is how I am doing it.


  1. In ArcMap Desktop, I have created the needed feature classes with their necessary attributes.
  2. Published into ArcGis Server
  3. Developed an android application. Used one of the ArcGis toplogy server URL as my base map.
  4. Adding/deleting/updating features and using the Sync module in the ArcGis Android SDK to sync my offline updates to the server


My question is,

  1. Is this a proper way to go about?
  2. Is it future proof?  I mean in the latest ArgMap pro desktop application, I did not even see an option to publish to server option. Are they removing the feature in the coming versions?


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.