How to set up Jupyter Notebook to work with ArcGIS?

Discussion created by yguan16 on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by SWalbridge-esristaff

Got excited about Jupyter Notebook from the Developer Summit and anxious to install it on my laptop. I have ArcGIS desktop 10.3.1 (python 2.7) and Pro 2.1.2 (python 3.4) on my laptop. What is the best way to install the notebook that integrates with ArcGIS, meaning being able to import ArcGIS.gis and arcpy? Seems to me the easiest way to install notebook with python  is to use the Anaconda download, but the latest Anaconda has python 3.6. Can I just install Jupyter notebook without python 3.6 and hook up the notebook with the Pro python 3.4? Or if I do the Anaconda install with python 3.6, how would I hook up the notebook with Pro python 3.4 without breaking my ArcGIS desktop python 2.7. Wish ESRI had some documentation on this.