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Symbols change when downloaded to ArcGIS desktop

Question asked by AshleyHow on Mar 28, 2018



I am having an issue with creating symbols for a project on ArcMap online, but when I go to download the map to ArcGIS desktop, it converts a lot of the symbols to the wrong one - which is not helpful if I need to make changes to the project via desktop.  


Is this an issue with availability of symbols?   Although, the symbols are not outrageous...they are basic ones found in both ArcMap and ArcGIS - so I'm not entirely sure why the desktop version isn't able to display as such?


Or, is this an issue between the different versions of ArcGIS?  My desktop version is 10.3.1 and so am not sure if this inhibits conversion?  


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!   


Thank you,