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Is there an ESRI product for me?

Question asked by dubois2 on Mar 28, 2018
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Apologies if this is an off the wall or out of place question; I haven't worked with GIS in some time and after a few years am looking for another use for it. 

Task: An organization I work for wants to create a GIS based application that can provide data on parcels, facilities, utilities (basically polygons and lines) as well as link .pdf documents ("property record cards", floorplans, other documents) to facilities for a single installation in Alaska. I came across this "GIS for Local Goverment" application on the Esri site that seems to be the ticket, the only issue is, the organization is up in a remote part of Alaska and has very limited internet connection and needs something packaged, that can be viewed offline in some sort of portal since they don't have GIS software.


Is there anything out there in the Esri that would allow me to package all their available shape files as well as the linking of supporting documents all the while being offline? 


Once again, apologies if I am doing this wrong. I haven't been on Geonet in a while. Thanks for any help!