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I've copied a layer in AGOL and saved it as a separate layer; however, the two have a single URL and are synced. How do I change this?

Question asked by chaworth_USCSSI on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by mbrueningesi

The layer is a hosted feature layer in my content. It collects user input for a project I'm working on for school. I wanted to be able to create versions based on the date the user input was collected. I had the layer by itself in a web map, made a copy, and saved that layer under a new name into my content. Now, I want that initial layer to be a "template," a clean slate to work from each time new data was collected. When I removed the points within the original layer, they were also removed from the copied and separately saved layer. Further inspection showed that the URL for both shared layers are the same. How do I get the information from the "template" layer into a new layer that won't be linked to it/have the same link? Thanks in advance!