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Feature layer queries not honored when going Offline.

Question asked by eylerwhite_usfs on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by eylerwhite_usfs

I have a hosted feature layer (point, line, polygon) that I am querying data from using the "Settings" > "Visualization" tab then "Save as New Layer" button.  I am then making a map with the "new" layers and going offline in Collector. 


The problem I am having is that each "new" layer when turned on in Collector (offline) has all of the same features as its original feature class (point, line, polygon) despite being queried to represent certain features.  It carries the symbology and  configured pop-up, but each layer is just a differently symbolized duplicate of the original feature class.


  The "new" layers do work great in the online or web map environment. I have seen reference to a similar question on this forum back in 2015, but it was associated with errors when trying to download the map (I don't get any errors).  I am wondering if this functionality is available yet?  Or perhaps I am doing it incorrectly?  Do I need to query the REST URL?  Query from my GDB in ArcMap/Pro before uploading?


I realize the "new" layers all reference the same data source URL.  I also realize I can upload the feature service using separate feature classes in the first place, but we are trying to keep everything in point, line, polygon feature classes, then query out necessary features in the ArcGIS Online Environment.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!