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How can I evaluate the longitudinal and the lateral differences between two points from the Northing and Easting values?

Question asked by sanhi.das25 on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by sanhi.das25

This is in reference to an experimental work which we have conducted for evaluating the positional difference between two vehicles, data being collected using Video VBox. We have the latitude/longitude and therefore, the corresponding Northing/Easting values of both the vehicles at the same time instant. For the purpose of my work, I want to know the longitudinal distance between A1 and B1 (Y in the attached figure) and the lateral distance (X) at each time step. The trajectories of both the vehicles at different time steps are also depicted in the figure. In addition, the details of the northing/easting values of both the vehicles are also attached in the excel file.

Is there any toolbox in ArcGis which can directly give the positional differences (both X and Y)? Or, can you help me in providing a way by which these X and Y values can be obtained?