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Network Analyst Directions

Question asked by on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by ADongre1

I am using the Network Analyst extension to find routes for truck permitting. We recently upgraded our network dataset versions to 10.2 and I noticed some changes in the directions. The change that is causing an issue for me is when there are two turns in close proximity. The directions return something like "Turn left on |EDISON ST (Local-GALLATIN) (Class 0)| and immediately turn left on |IL-13 (State) (Class 2)|". The issue is that it ties two different road segments together under one line of directions. This results in the mileage being combined for those two different road features. For our routing application, we need these two roadways separated for mileage calculation (State vs Local). We also wrap the local roadways with a green band in our application so customers know which local sections of their route they need to get local permits for. This is much more difficult with two different classifications of roadway segments sharing the same line of directions. 


I have tried changing the Road Class Integer Descriptor to classify State and Local roadways different but the "immediately turn.." still occurred. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can change to get the directions to read each change in street name or direction as its own line? 


The images attached show how the two different jurisdictions of roadways are combined into one line of directions (which I need broken up). As you can see, the mileage is combined for that line of directions. So even though .1 miles might be local and the other .3 is state, it only results in .4 Mi.