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The existing data service is not compatible with the survey

Question asked by wws_ahargreaves on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by wws_ahargreaves

Hi James Tedrick, Ismael Chivite,


I have created a survey and published it in order to create the associated Feature Service. However, after making some edits to the XLS used to create the Survey and attempting to republish I am told "The existing data service is not compatible with the survey" as a field length is too short. However:

  1. I never edited this field so am confused why its changed length.
  2. If I look at the FS URL it's the same length as shown in the schema preview and error message.
  3. Even if I republish the survey (losing all data) then attempt to immediately republish again I get the same error.

Please can I ask for some advice on how to overcome this issue? My only solution presently is export data, republish, lose the FS and all data, append existing data to new FS and update the URLs of webmaps.