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Collector vs gvSIG

Question asked by GIS_Valley_County on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by GIS_Valley_County
Has anyone used gvSIG Mobile for their field work? Aside from the obvious difference in cost, how does gvSIG mobile compare with Collector?
Our organization currently licenses ArcGIS for Workgroup and have implemented ArcGIS Online Maps with Collector for a few of our departments, however there is one department who is requesting to use gvSIG Mobile instead of Collector to save money. I am trying to get a feel for whether there is a true benefit in adding gvSIG desktop with spatialite to our network's computer.
My first thoughts are that it would not be worth the decreased efficiency in maintaining two layers and map layouts within two GIS'es and two Mobile Mapping Applications, but maybe there are some other benefits here that I don't understand because I have no experience with gvSIG. So far, I have been seeking mobile map applications that meet our needs in this efficient and streamlined process through our ArcGIS License and so have not felt the need to dive into Free and Open Source Software.
Of the many benefits I have found in Collector, these are the ones that stand out to me:
  • High resolution imagery capacity only limited by the size of device storage (ie side-loading is great!)
  • Seamless updates through Publishing features to ArcGIS Online, where the same data features are connected to multiple maps and apps throughout our organization, each one being customized to fit the purpose of the unique maps and apps
    • (ie, only have to publish updates one time even though not every map and app shows the same information from the same feature)
  • Ability to attach large amounts of non-standard sized images and documents
  • Ability to customize pop-ups and create domains for data entry in the map application
  • Ability to turn off and on layers by user while in the field to customize objects in map view


Any advice would be much appreciated!