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Adding Raster Datasets as Attributes in a Feature Class

Question asked by burthardin on Mar 27, 2018

I am adding raster datasets as attributes in a feature class (Pro 2.1.2). I am successful in adding the raster to my table via the Attributes tab and using the Load Content tool. I am able to view the raster in this mode, however, when I right click the layer in the TOC and open the Attribute Table, the field is visible, but the raster image is not. At the same time, if I use the Explore tool (formerly Identify in ArcMap) the table does not show the raster field in the table or the raster image. Is this a glitch in the software? Also I would like to find a way to resize the image that I can see. I can enlarge the table in the Attribute tab, but the image stays the same size. I have tried using different resolutions and image sizes, but Pro wants to maintain the same size image. Is there any way to modify the size of the image in this attribute table view?   

Attached is a screen capture of my ArcGIS Pro session with the three table views I described above