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Default ArcPro Fonts

Question asked by bulla_b on Mar 28, 2018
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I'm trying to make my ArcPro customizations fit into the look and feel of ArcPro.  Is there a document anywhere that outlines what fonts and type of styles are used throughout different elements of the GUI??


See my screenshot below:


For instance, I would like to get my dockpane (still a WIP) on the left to look more similar to the one on the right in terms of fonts and overall styling.  See the circled text for the elements I am most interested in emulating.


Also, on the right I have drawn an arrow to a WPF control that slides up and down, adjusting the size of the panel (??).  Can anyone tell me what type of WPF control this is??


Also is there a way to make a Button control look more like an ESRI button control.  I'm pretty sure a presenter briefly talked about this at the recent Dev Summit, but I don't quite remember or maybe misunderstood what they were saying.


Sorry, I am new to WPF.  :-)