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Schematics in ArcGIS Pro Using Utilit network

Question asked by RajeshManePro on Mar 27, 2018



Can any one throw some ideas , how Schematics which is built on Geometric network principals can be migrated to ArcGIS Utility network. I have following queries with regards to Schematics. As we are planning to upgrade our desktop GIS to ArcGIS Pro.


1: How traditional Schematics configuration works on ArcGIS Pro 2.1.1. ArcGIS pro has any extension for Schematics or we still need to rely on ArcMap Schematics designer.


2. we are planning to build Utility network for existing datamodel. How schematics will be generated on newer datamodel. What about migration of existing diagrams which are associated with existing features are in geometric network topology?


3 Any roadmap or timelines that esri planning to release new extension for Schematics for ArcGIS Pro ?


Hi , I would really appreciate if anybody has idea on above topic. We are keenly searching for this solution.