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Modified Topic: How do you copy the legend from A to B with different scale and paper size ?

Question asked by progis99 on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by jimcousins

I have a question for you  and what is the best practice for me to copy the legend from another ArcMap A to ArcMap B. They are in the Layout View. it has different scale like in 1: 70,000 to 1:55, 000 without having to adjust the legend ?


So here is the example of what I am talking about here:



ArcMap  A (36x36 )

Layout View                                                           ArcMap B   ( 36x44)

                                                                              Layout View

Scale : 1: 70,000                ----------------->             Scale : 1:55, 000



So the legend from the 70,000 seem to be bigger than the 55,000 and when I resize it to meet the same as the 55,,00 it seems that the symbol gets smaller and the symbol changes. I had to fix it and try to resize the symbols however it is not  what I wanted.


What is the method or a way around to fix this ?  


P.S. ( As of 28 MARCH 2018)


I found out that when I copy and paste with different scale BUT the paper size is different...


So when I copy from ArcMap A and paste to ArcMap B... The paper size is different ...


Because when you copy , the legend becomes smaller and hard to read, is there a solution to make this fix ?


Has anyone ever done like this in the past and if so what is the solution to it ?