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Weight of select_one user input

Question asked by Dragos@gis on Mar 26, 2018
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I'm working to make a survey on how  well prepared and inform is the population of a country to front a disaster.
In my survey i have 6 questions, first, each of this 6 questions has 2 arguments "yes=0.17 is for appling" and "no=0 is for not appling". Next, checking one of these 2 boxes, the value must update to the Count row in the calculation field, also under the Count row, i've added a calculate row to allow the calculation and update it to the Count row with one of the values 0.17 or 0( this values should be the user input for yes or no). The yes or no values are defined in Choices sheet. Next in my survey i need to display the weight *(Pondere aplicabilitate%) of the check answers, in the calculation of the calculate row i've used this function: ( if(sum( allcounts = 0, "" , count9/sum( allcounts)) and here i think is the problem...the counts are not defined to allow the formula to work, how should i go on ?



 This should be the formula for the weight applicability.

The survey sheet with the 6 questions and the  parameters that are set for each question


The choices sheet, 0.17 and 0 for yes applicable and 0 not applicable..also  the other parameters